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Nov 13, 2015Broken Arrow Volleyball Banquet
Nov 03, 2015Sand Springs Volleyball Banquet
Oct 17, 2015Jenks vs Edmond North (State Finals)
Oct 17, 2015Bishop Kelley vs Heritage Hall
Oct 17, 2015Jenks vs Edmond Santa Fe (Semi-Final)
Oct 17, 2015Bishop Kelley vs Bishop McGuinness (Semi-Final)
Oct 16, 2015Broken Arrow vs Edmond Santa Fe (Quarter-Final)
Oct 16, 2015Jenks vs Norman (Quarter-Final)
Oct 08, 2015Broken Arrow vs Sapulpa (Regional)
Oct 08, 2015Union vs Moore - (Regional)
Oct 08, 2015Union vs Broken Arrow (Regional)
Oct 06, 2015Muskogee at Sand Springs
Oct 01, 2015Skiatook at Broken Arrow
Sep 29, 2015Broken Arrow at Union
Sep 24, 2015Coweta at Sand Springs
Sep 22, 2015Sapulpa at Sand Springs
Sep 19, 2015Cheer Regionals - Union
Sep 19, 2015Cheer Regionals - Stillwater
Sep 19, 2015Cheer Regionals - Sand Springs
Sep 19, 2015Cheer Regionals - Jenks
Sep 19, 2015Cheer Regionals - Bartlesville
Sep 19, 2015Jenks Tournament
Sep 15, 2015Sand Springs at Broken Arrow
Sep 12, 2015Catoosa Tournament
Sep 11, 2015Bishop Kelley Tournament (6 teams)
Sep 10, 2015Norman North at Jenks
Sep 08, 2015Sand Springs at Bixby
Sep 01, 2015Owasso at Sand Springs
Aug 28, 2015Broken Arrow Tournament
Aug 27, 2015Union at Bixby
Aug 25, 2015Sand Springs at Union
Aug 22, 2015Union Invitational Tournament
Aug 20, 2015Collinsville at Sand Springs
Aug 18, 2015Bishop Kelley at Sand Springs
Aug 13, 2015Sand Springs at Catoosa
Aug 11, 2015Bixby at Broken Arrow
Aug 08, 2015Cascia Hall Scrimmage
Jul 30, 20156A All State Game
May 16, 2015Broken Arrow at Union
Apr 28, 2015Yukon at Sand Springs
Apr 23, 2015Bishop Kelley at Broken Arrow
Apr 21, 2015Sand Springs at Bishop Kelley
Apr 17, 2015Booker T. Washington at Jenks
Apr 16, 2015Broken Arrow at Owasso
Apr 10, 2015Muskogee at Sand Springs
Apr 07, 2015Bixby at Jenks
Apr 03, 2015Booker T. Washington at Union
Mar 31, 2015Muskogee at Owasso
Mar 26, 2015Union at Bishop Kelley
Mar 24, 2015Broken Arrow at Union
Mar 12, 2015Broken Arrow at Sand Springs
Mar 10, 2015Edison at Sand Springs
Mar 09, 2015Booker T. Washington at Sand Springs
Mar 05, 2015Owasso vs Sand Springs
Feb 13, 2015Broken Arrow at Sand Springs
Feb 06, 2015Sand Springs at Jenks
Feb 03, 2015Owasso at Sand Springs
Jan 30, 2015Sand Springs at Union
Jan 27, 2015Sapulpa at Sand Springs
Jan 20, 2015Bixby at Sand Springs
Jan 16, 2015Muskogee at Sand Springs
Jan 13, 2015Bartlesville at Sand Springs
Dec 19, 2014Bishop Kelley at Sand Springs
Dec 16, 2014Bishop Kelley at Union
Dec 09, 2014Jenks at Sand Springs
Oct 18, 2014Jenks vs. Edmond Memorial - Finals
Oct 18, 2014Tahlequah vs. Elgin - Semi-Finals
Oct 18, 2014Victory Christian vs Heritage Hall - Semi-Finals
Oct 18, 2014Jenks vs. Edmond Santa Fe - Semi-Finals
Oct 17, 2014Owasso vs. Edmond Memorial - Quarter Finals
Oct 17, 2014Bishop Kelley vs Jenks - Quarter Finals
Oct 17, 2014Broken Arrow vs.Edmond Santa Fe - Quarter Finals
Oct 09, 2014Owasso vs. Booker T. Washington (Regional)
Oct 09, 2014Owasso vs. Ponca City (Regional)
Oct 09, 2014Booker T. Washington vs. Sand Springs (Regional)
Oct 07, 2014Jenks at Sand Springs
Oct 06, 2014Sand Springs at Owasso
Oct 02, 2014Stillwater at Jenks
Sep 30, 2014Owasso at Broken Arrow
Sep 25, 2014Edmond Santa Fe at Bishop Kelley
Sep 23, 2014Bartlesville at Sand Springs
Sep 18, 2014Metro Christian at Sand Springs
Sep 16, 2014Sand Springs at Sapulpa
Sep 13, 2014Coweta Tournament
Sep 12, 2014Bishop McGuinness at Bishop Kelley
Sep 11, 2014Catoosa at Sand Springs
Sep 09, 2014Broken Arrow at Sand Springs
Sep 06, 2014Bishop Kelley Tournament of Champions
Sep 02, 2014Bixby at Sand Springs
Aug 28, 2014Broken Arrow at Union
Aug 26, 2014Bishop Kelley at Union
Aug 22, 2014Broken Arrow Tournament
Aug 19, 2014Bishop Kelley at Jenks
Aug 15, 2014Sand Springs Tournament
Aug 14, 2014McAlester at Broken Arrow
Aug 12, 2014Sand Springs at Bishop Kelley
Aug 09, 2014Cascia Hall Scrimmage
Jun 22, 2014FUMC Throwback Worship
May 03, 2014Sandites Prom
Apr 25, 2014Sandites Powderpuff
Apr 24, 2014Union at Jenks
Apr 22, 2014Bishop Kelley at Sand Springs
Apr 18, 2014Owasso at Broken Arrow
Apr 15, 2014Bartlesville at Sand Springs
Apr 10, 2014Sand Springs at Bixby
Apr 08, 2014Owasso at Sand Springs
Apr 01, 2014Putnam City West at Sand Springs
Mar 28, 2014Bishop Kelley at Union
Mar 25, 2014Broken Arrow at Union
Mar 13, 2014Sand Springs at Broken Arrow
Mar 11, 2014Bixby at Bishop Kelley
Mar 07, 2014Enid at Sand Springs
Feb 18, 2014Owasso at Sand Springs
Feb 13, 2014Owasso at Union
Feb 11, 2014Bixby at Sand Springs
Feb 07, 2014Sand Springs at Sapulpa
Feb 03, 2014Jenks at Union
Jan 31, 2014Broken Arrow at Sand Springs
Jan 28, 2014Jenks at Sand Springs
Jan 17, 2014Bishop McGuinness at Bishop Kelley
Jan 14, 2014Collinsville at Bishop Kelley
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When I'm not working for a paper, I wander around the Tulsa area and shoot whatever sports I run into, usually at 5A and 6A schools. All photos are hosted and sold on my SmugMug site. Your photo purchases help to pay for entry fees, gas, this website, and equipment maintenance. Be sure and check out my current promotions before you place an order.

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